Considering Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: What Do You Need to Know?

Going overseas for cosmetic surgery sounds like it adds a touch of glamour to the procedure. And there are plenty of cosmetic surgery clinics abroad offering to transform the way you look for a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK or Ireland.

And there are other reasons to have cosmetic surgery abroad as well as the cost, including the high standards of care you receive. There are many different types of cosmetic surgery, such as a breast reduction, mommy makeover or liposuction, among others that it can be difficult to know where to turn. Here is what you need to know when considering cosmetic surgery abroad.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe Abroad?

The very short answer here is, ‘yes.’ Although no operation is without any risk at all, the surgeons in the EU are trained and monitored to provide the same standard of surgery and care. That means you get the same quality of care in the rest of the EU as you’d expect in Ireland or the UK.

You can stay in touch with your surgeon after the procedure and they will give you a list of things you should do to avoid any complications.

What Are the Risks with Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

The initial risk is linked to the flight home and deep vein thrombosis. Flying home straight after an operation can leave you more susceptible to this. The advice is that you leave some time after the procedure before you fly. Around a week to ten days should do it, even sooner for some surgeries – our surgeons will advise. Make sure the cosmetic surgery clinic abroad that you use will look after you for this amount of time.

What Is Medical Tourism?

Yes, we think this is a strange phrase too. It is the words used to describe someone going from one country to another in order to access their medical care. This can be for reasons of safety, cost or simply personal choice. Patients Beyond Borders is a website dedicated to this phenomenon. They show that there is a lot more to this world than staying at home for cosmetic surgery.

What Are the Most Popular Destinations for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

There are some pretty popular places for the savvy person who wants to change the way they look but doesn’t want to spend (or doesn’t have) stacks of cash. Across the world, places such as Brazil and Thailand have become hotspots. We recommend you stay a little closer to home, though. The European Union has several places that are common for people from the UK and Ireland to visit. Poland and the Czech Republic are two that come to mind.

However, Lithuania has to be the number one choice for anyone considering cosmetic surgery abroad. The combination of high medical standards and low costs means that people flock to the country. If you have any questions about cosmetic surgery abroad then please get in touch. We are here to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

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