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Tired of Being Overweight?
Overwhelmed by Weight Loss Plans?
Concerned About High Costs in Ireland?
Wish to Wake Up Slimmer?

We have a solution for you! Safe, Effective, Affordable and Life-Changing Weight Loss Solution!

  • Impressive Weight Loss: Shed 60-70%* of your excess weight.
  • Significant Savings: Save up to €5,000 on your surgery.
  • Weight Loss Guarantee: We refund your money if you don’t start losing weight!
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Modern clinic with the latest technology.
  • Decade of Expertise: Over 10 years serving satisfied patients.
  • Trusted Standards: Meeting all EU health and safety regulations.
  • HSE Refunds: Eligible for reimbursement for Irish patients.
  • Quick & Easy Travel: Just a few hours’ flight from Dublin, Limerick, or Shannon.

About Gastric Sleeve - Transform Your Health & Life

Weight Loss

Surgery Time
60-90 min

Clinic Stay
2 nights

Fly Home
7-10 days

Time Off Work
1-3 weeks

Full Recovery
4-6 weeks

Gastric Sleeve Benefits

Achieve significant weight loss and combat health challenges like high blood pressure and heart disease. Here’s how gastric sleeve can change your life:

  • Effective Weight Loss: Achieve a 60-70% reduction of excess weight in the first year.
  • Health Improvements: Resolve or diminish conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.
  • Controlled Appetite: Surgery shrinks stomach size, naturally reducing food consumption.
  • Enhanced Life Quality: Gain mobility, self-assuredness, and a renewed health outlook.
  • Safe & Efficient: Lower complication risks and faster recovery compared to other weight loss procedures.
  • Sustainable Results: Secure long-term weight maintenance and well-being.

Considering a life-changing weight loss solution? Gastric sleeve could be your answer.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Package Price

Starting From Just

An all-inclusive journey to your transformative weight loss
5,497 Included in the Price:
  • Travel Assistance: Flights, hotel bookings, and transport to/from Kaunas International Airport
  • 2-Night Hospital Stay: Private room in our modern facility
  • Extensive Pre-Op Tests: Including blood work, electrocardiogram, and more
  • Expert Consultations: Meet our surgeon, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, and anaesthesiologist upon arrival
  • Surgery & Anaesthesia: Full gastric sleeve surgery procedure
  • Post-Op Nutrition: Personalized consultation and custom meal plan
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support: Our team's with you every step of the way
  • HSE Refund Help: Documentation assistance for potential refunds
  • Medication & Food Kit: Post-discharge essentials for initial days
  • Special Plastic Surgery Discount: Up to 10% off for future procedures

We refund your money if you don't start losing weight!

We refund your money if you don't start losing weight!

Have Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery Fully Funded: Avail HSE Refund With Our Assistance!

Considering a lasting solution for weight loss? Explore the gastric sleeve surgery option at our top-tier hospital in Lithuania. Owing to the EU directive on cross-border healthcare, Irish residents insured by the HSE can seek a refund for medical procedures done abroad. This means, potentially, you could have your surgery costs fully covered.

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*results may vary from patient to patient.